Solar Panels for Enel X Solar-Plus-Storage Solutions

Solar-Plus-Storage Solutions

Reduce Energy Costs and Earn Incentive Payments with No-Cost Solar-Plus-Storage Opportunities

Why is Solar-Plus-Storage Valuable for Businesses?

For large commercial and industrial energy consumers, on-site solar provides fast-acting, clean power. Integrating an energy storage system can make that low-cost power even more valuable.

Just as important as how much energy you use is when you consume energy from the grid. The ability to generate, store, and consume low-cost solar power strategically can significantly reduce energy costs by minimizing exposure to high energy prices, utility rates, and demand charges based on consumption from the grid at certain intervals.

With new incentive programs and evolving economics on the electric grid, many large energy consumers can capitalize on these opportunities at no upfront cost.

How Enel X Connects Businesses to Solar-Plus-Storage Opportunities

Enel X works directly with large energy consumers and partners with solar power project developers to simplify the integration and operation of solar and storage resources. 

Modeling the Right System

Enel X’s energy experts will model the right solar-plus-storage system to accommodate your facilities’ operational needs.

Financing and Installing Assets

Enel X offers flexible financing options to cover the hardware and installation costs of a solar-plus-storage system, and will oversee the integration of the technology into your facility.

Maximizing Financial Performance with Real-Time Optimization Software

Enel X’s DER Optimization Software automatically transitions a facility’s load onto the system at the optimal times to minimize exposure to high costs from consuming power from the grid.

Learn more about Enel X’s DER Optimization Software

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Customer Spotlight: Marcus Garvey Village Integrates Solar, Storage, and Fuel Cell to Minimize Energy Spend

The owners of Marcus Garvey Village, a 625-unit apartment complex in Brooklyn, NY, understand that the value of distributed energy resources extends beyond the confines of their buildings. As one of the most energy-intensive urban environments in the world, New York City faces a significant challenge maintaining reliable access to power during periods of high demand for electricity. An investment in distributed energy resources would not only improve the apartment complex’s access to independent power, but could contribute to efforts to bolster the grid in its community.

Capitalizing on Massachusetts’ Solar-Plus-Storage Incentive Opportunities

Massachusetts is offering a new incentive program for on-site solar power generation and energy storage projects.

Add Energy Storage to Your Toolkit as an Enel X Partner

Earn referral payments and increase your solar projects’ profitability by working with Enel X

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