Demand Management

Take Control of Costly Demand Charges with a Customized Approach

Are You Paying Too Much in Demand Charges?

When your organization uses energy is just as important as how much energy your organization uses. Demand-related energy costs, which are calculated based on the amount of energy your facilities use during peak times, can make up a significant amount of your energy spend.

Taking control of these costs requires constant insight into both your facilities’ energy consumption and activity across the grid, as well as a customized plan to reduce demand without bringing operations grinding to a halt.

Develop a Plan to Reduce Costly Demand Peaks

Enel X will assess your load profile and supply agreements to create a strategy for reducing charges related to your facilities’ demand peaks.

Receive Alerts to Reduce Demand During System Peak Events

Enel X will monitor grid activity and alert your staff when grid-level peaks are likely, enabling you to reduce charges related to your contribution to peak demand events on the grid.

Create a Tailored Load Reduction Plan for Your Sites

Enel X’s team of experts will work closely with your organization to develop a plan to reduce demand levels temporarily without degrading site-level productivity, such as shifting maintenance schedules or reducing non-essential load.

Integrate Energy Storage to Enhance Your Demand Management Capability

Enel X will model, finance, and integrate an energy storage system that will automatically power your energy-intensive equipment at times when demand charges are calculated.

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