Backup Generator Upgrades

Backup Generator Upgrade Projects

Finance equipment upgrades and earn demand response payments with your backup generator

Create Revenue with Your Backup Generator

Organizations with large backup generators can earn substantial revenue through demand response programs, which offer incentive payments for reducing consumption temporarily when the grid is under duress. 

Access to on-site power from a backup generator enables these organizations to earn payments without shutting down equipment.


How Enel X Helps Large Energy Users Create Revenue from Their Backup Generators

Evaluating Generators’ Eligibility

Enel X will review your backup generator assets to determine their eligibility to participate and earnings potential through available demand response programs.

Financing and Implementing Equipment Upgrades to Maximize Your Earnings

Enel X will finance and implement upgrades for your generators, including installing equipment to help your generators meet regulatory standards to qualify for demand response, wiring enhancements to expand the capacity your generators are capable of supporting, and transfer switch upgrades for seamless transition onto generator assets. We manage all vendors to implement the upgrade and use future demand response earnings to cover all costs.

Enrolling Generators and Maximizing Payments
Enel X will enroll your organization in demand response and develop a custom participation plan to maximize your payments.

Capitalizing on Distributed Energy Resources with Enel X

Distributed energy resources are becoming increasingly valuable to help businesses navigate the challenges of today’s energy world. However, the cost and complexity of the technology has prevented many organizations from capitalizing on their biggest opportunities. Learn more about how why large energy consumers partner with Enel X for fully financed, turnkey distributed energy resource projects to reduce energy spend and improve resilience for their facilities.

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