Turnkey electric mobility at home and on the road

A complete and comprehensive offering for electric mobility, from the "socket" to be installed in your garage at home, through the Pole and Fast Stations along the road, to the Fast Charge infrastructures

The car and e-mobility are examples of how electric energy will enter even further into the lives of people and companies

Francesco Starace

Enel CEO

In twenty years’ time, half of the cars sold in the world will be electric

Francesco Venturini

Chairman and CEO of Enel X

Electric mobility is one of the greatest transformations taking place and it is driven by technological progress. In this context, Italy, which is one of the few countries in the world to have completely digitalised the electricity distribution network, has a great opportunity

Francesco Venturini

Head of Enel X

We have a clear objective and technological progress has provided us with some extraordinary tools to achieve it. The time has come to design solutions and structured policies to foster the green transport revolution

Alberto Piglia

Head of e-Mobility, Head of e-Mobility Enel X